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The project LEGD

The project LEGD

It’s a 10-month long project under BLAST 

Our activities are : 

  1. 6 UTHON-boithok with the local gender diverse people to give them information about their identity and equal rights. 
  2. 1 stakeholder meeting with the local administrative and advocacy consultants. 3. women’s day observation.
  3. Give narrative financial report monthly over the activism. 
  4. Revised budget report to the BLAST 

Hopefully, this information is helpful in taking a clear idea about SOMPORKER NOYA SETU  and its action. Now you can clearly understand what type of work SOMPORKER NOYA SETU  does and why. We would succeed if this overview can get your queries, answered.

The project OXFAM Bangladesh

The project OXFAM Bangladesh

It was completed in 2013 successfully with dignity. It was a small charity program of one-day duration. 

Our activity was distributing warm clothes among 100 gender-diverse people in the local area of  Dhaka city. 

That was so amazing and helpful for the minority people to support them that we are here for them any time. 


The ActionAid Project

The ActionAid Project

In this project, we had to obtain 3 goals individually. 

This project was about gender diverse & sexual minority people. 



  1. A drama played out by SNS members the drama was directed by Rafiqul Islam Tutul who is the general secretary of SNS. 
  2. There was an art exhibition by the minority people. 
  3. There was an open discussion meeting on the topic of gender diversity & sexual minority people having to suffer & about the way out.  


Our second goal with ACTION AID  

  1. A drama was played out in the direction of Rafiqul Islam Tutul on the theme of women having to suffer in our cities. 

** the drama theme was like a thundering slap on the face of social norms. 

  1. The drama was acted by SNS member. 

The phobia of mainstream people about gender diverse people  

  1. There was a meeting & an open conversation session over the topic & the way out.
Interactive theater

Interactive theater

The interactive drama show was performed by Somporker Noya Setu in partnership with ActionAid Bangladesh on 28th October 2004. SNS performed an interactive theatre drama show for the national launch of the safe cities for women campaign. For this initiative, ActionAid Bangladesh provided technical and financial support to organize and materialize the drama show.

The objective of that drama show was,

  1. To perform and build awareness of the difficulties faced by women as they face sexual harassment in the public places of the city due to the lack of enabling factors such as gender-responsive public services, social security, etc.
  2. To create awareness and accountability amongst the audience on the issues of gender equity and safe cities for women through interactive and participatory method theatre.

The major responsibilities of Somporker Noya Setu in this theatre were-

  1. Writing and finalization of the script based on the feedback of AAB
  2. Organizing all actors and logistics and ensuring proper rehearsals
  3. Performing a dress rehearsal before the final performance
  4. Arranging all the logistics for performers including make-up, costumes, and a vehicle for the day of that performance
  5. Delivering the drama show on the day of the launch.